SBM Message Center Service

Nearly a decade after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center in New York City, security concerns are still motivating Class A property managers to meticulously evaluate and adjust building safety on a regular basis.  Chief strategies include things such as restricting outsider access to facilities, electronic logging of incoming tenant mail and deliveries, and digitally registering visitors.  SBM can be an essential part of this process with our package intercept and message center services.

SBM developed the concept of the message center through extensive research and experience with our corporate real estate partners throughout the greater New York City area.  Working closely with our associates we determined that the majority of theft, vandalism, assault and other criminal activity occurring in large high-rises was the direct result of outsiders—mainly couriers, messengers and private delivery personnel—moving unrestricted through the property.  We set up Manhattan’s very first message and package intercept hub in the late 1980s in response to this troublesome trend.  Thanks to our innovative model and with the input and support of our partners in facilities management all over New York City, we were able to significantly reduce and in some cases completely wipe out these instances of criminal behavior for many businesses operating out of large buildings. 

For more than twenty years SBM has set the standard for on-site mail intercept centers.  Our corporate message centers function as a single point of contact for all deliveries, shipments, mailings and courier-conveyed communication sent to your property’s tenants.  SBM staff greets delivery personnel, confirms recipients using a computerized bar code tracking system, and signs for parcels, digitally records every shipment that enters the facility, inspects packages, and brings deliveries directly to the addressee immediately following a successful security check.

All of our package intercept employees are uniformed and readily identifiable, and bonded; your tenants won’t have to wonder who is handling their important deliveries. SBM carefully screens each candidate for employment and all potential employees are required to submit to background checks, psychological evaluation, and to test negative for the use of controlled substances. SBM message center staff members are professional, personable, well trained, and committed to helping your facility run as smoothly as possible.

Not only do we give you people who are top of the line, but our package security technology is state of the art as well. SBM has developed cutting edge tools designed to quickly and painstakingly examine each package that comes into your building; we use advanced x-ray technology, and computerized tracking to ensure that nothing potentially harmful goes unseen.

An SBM message center will improve the overall security of your building and makes a valuable addition to your property’s integrated safety plan. We can help you streamline your operations, improve your building’s security and make your property easier to manage

SBM offers simple, cost effective solutions for your facility’s package intercept and shipping needs. Let our professional handlers serve as the face of your property, putting forth a welcoming and personal presence for your tenants, potential customers and guests. Our message center services are specifically tailored to your unique needs and have been proven effective in increasing security, improving management/tenant relations, and enhancing organization. Allow SBM to become a crucial part of your property’s integrated security plan and see for yourself what a difference we can make.

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